Fast Pass

Wash DAILY for only $19.99/month


No more bothering with cash or credit cards each time you come to Easy Clean Car Wash! Fast Pass uses radio frequencies on a small windshield sticker to recognize your account and raises the car wash gate automatically.

Fast Pass is simple and easy. In less than three seconds, you are on your way into Easy Clean Car Wash without the need to even lower your windows.

  • Wash your car once-a-day all month
  • Purchase in person with cash, credit, or debit card
  • You may set it up to recharge monthly on credit or debit card.
  • Cancel any time with 7 days written notice
  • Includes unlimited vacuuming, towel and air freshener

Your monthly plan starts 30 days from date of purchase. Tag must be applied by car wash attendant.

Commonly Asked Questions

In order to sign up for Unlimited Ultimate car washes, an attendant must install a sticker at time of purchase to the windshield in order to identify you and your plan. This sticker contains a very sensitive electronic device, which is scanned every time you go through the Lane. It may not be removed or placed anywhere else. Tampering with the sticker will deactivate the chip and your plan will be undetectable as a result.